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Finca La Quesera
The main house of the Finca La Quesera dates from 1823 and was the convent of the Slaves of the Sacread Heart nuns. Today, the house welcomes together with its history people who would like to spend some time in a unique place full of nature, culture, history and tranquillity. Here, you will have time to enjoy the simplicity of country life, traditional meals, local wines, homemade bread, and to learn about the daily life of the Gauchos of the region.

The house features comfortable double, twin, triple and four-bed rooms, six rooms with private bathroom. It has a vast garden where you can observe the fauna and flora of the region, and peaceful surroundings that invite for walks and to discover the landscape.

The main house

The territory of Las Higuerillas and of the De los Papagayos Gorge (the acutal La Quesera Valley and De La Cruz Valley) were given to Don Hernando Arias V├ęlasquez in 1586.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the La Quesera Valley changed hands to Don Augustin Escobar Castellanos. It was inherited by his niece Manuela Martinez de Tineo, who donated the land of La Quesera Valley to the use of the Colegio de Educandas and the convent of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart, on July 21st in 1823. In 1978, after the order left the valley, the house and land were bought by the Lopez Dib family.

La Quesera Valley got its name from the main activity of its cheese production, mainly used to cater for the local and urban society.

Today, two historically important buildings are preserved:

The convent of La Quesera: The house was built one year after Manuela Martinez de Tineo donated the land for the use of the Slaves of the Sacred Heart. The house features a chapel with religious sculpture and pictures of Saints and a complete Via Crucis. The convent was repeatedly amplified, thus featuring a part made from antique and another part made from more modern materials.

The church of La Quesera: This church was built by the Jesuits at the end of the 17th century. Here, General G├╝emes got his last support from the local Gauchos on his way to the De la Horqueta Gorge.

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